Anne Gledhill

Specialist in fertility, pregnancy and women’s health

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I’m a professional and fully qualified acupuncturist, fertility and pregnancy coach, hypnobirth instructor and private midwife. I’m so glad you found me!

I specialise in working with people who are struggling with fertility issues, pregnant, or wanting to help those that are. Whatever you might be feeling – hopeless, disappointed, anxious, frustrated, in pain or exhausted – you don’t need to walk through this journey alone. My mission is to enhance your chances of living life to the full and increasing your chances of becoming pregnant and delivering your bundle of joy safely, calmly and confidently. It has been my honour and privileged to have walked with so many others on this journey and from my wealth of experience and training, I would love to be there for you as you walk out your journey as well. 

With love Anne

Photograph of Anne Gledhill


I’m a fully trained and certified midwife and acupuncturist specialising in fertility, pregnancy and women’s health. As a midwife, I have practiced in the NHS and independently for over 20 years. I have literally supported hundreds of women to safely birth their babies at home and in hospital. I am experienced in VBAC, twins and breech and am well equipped to help women appraise the available evidence so that they can find the path that is right for them.

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Midwife & Hypno-birth Instructor

What my clients say

There’s no better evidence than other people’s experience.

It’s hard to put into words, just how much my sessions with Anne have helped me. When we first started speaking in November, I was at rock bottom and my fertility journey had taken over every aspect of my life and happiness. As soon as I began Freedom Fertility Coaching, everything changed - I am happier, stronger, more calm, positive and far more able to face the journey ahead. Despite living 172 miles away, it felt like no distance at all and our FaceTime/ conference call meetings were a real lifeline. It was as if I was transported from my London apartment to Anne’s practice in York, with all the comforts of being cuddled up at home during these private sessions. Not only is Anne a wonderful coach and wise counsel, she gave me tools that have empowered me to help myself in my darkest moments - tools that are not only helpful for my fertility journey, but life in general. In February, just three months later, I am a different - far happier and more solid - person. I am immensely grateful and could not recommend Anne and Freedom Fertility Coaching enough. It is, hands down, the most helpful and positive thing I have done as I try to conceive - and I’ve tried everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you Anne.
Anne treated me throughout the winter and spring for chronic migraine with acupuncture which worked brilliantly for me. She's also a fertility, pregnancy and birth specialist who sees great results from acupuncture and hypnobirthing and has been a great support to me emotionally and physically.
I had 4 sessions of acupuncture with Anne and cannot recommend highly enough. I had zero expectations of any help but decided to try acupuncture due to perimenapause symptoms- hot flushes and a chaotic cycle. After the first treatment I noticed a reduction in hotness and after all four treatments my cycle was back to a 4 weekly pattern which helped me manage my expectations e.g not drinking alcohol when my period was happening. The effects have lasted and I feel much better 6 months later, not least because I managed to find help without using hormone treatments. Anne is really professional and calm and confident in the treatments she offers. Her lengthy experience as a nurse is really reassuring, and her Christian faith is clear through all the healing she offers.
I went to Anne because I had long standing pain in both my knees which was impacting on my day to day living. Anne treated me with acupuncture and over a period of four weeks she managed to get me almost pain free! My sleeping has improved and I can enjoy walking the dogs again. I would not hesitate to recommend Anne, she is kind, professional, caring and goes above and beyond to help find the right combination of treatments. Nothing is too much trouble and you will leave feeling that you have had the best care possible!

There's always hope

Maybe you are waking up through the night questioning whether you are ever going to have a baby, struggling with the pregnancy or feel terrified about the birth. If you are, then I’m the one for you!

With my wealth of experience I’ll be able to help and guide you. Fully trained in The Freedom Fertility Formula™ I know how to ‘Crack the Code of the F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Mind’ – and offer you sessions that will gently support you on your journey of transformation. Access the key to freedom and live your life more fully once again.

How can I help

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For chronic back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, knee Pain, IBS, sinusitis, sports injuries, menstrual problems, sleep issues, migraines and anxiety.

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Fertility-focused acupuncture for regulating the menstrual cycle, improving circulation to the pelvic organs, supporting ovulation and improving sperm health.

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Hypnobirthing Programme for birth preparation and a positive birth experience. For confidence, the release of fear and the strengthen of your mindset.

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Private Midwifery

For complete expert and professional care as you begin your parenting adventure. Antenatal care, home/hospital birth and postnatal support.

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