Private midwifery

Expert antenatal care, home/hospital birth and postnatal support

Personalised, compassionate midwifery care in your own home by an expert midwife for clients living close to York, Thirsk and Harrogate.

Be at the centre of all I do. Bespoke care packages to suit individual needs from a single home visit to a full package of care. Whether you you are having a straightforward pregnancy or have complex needs, I can support you as you navigate the journey. 

Contact me to discuss how I may be able to help you.

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Complete care

Complete care for when you need it most, because it’s not just you we are looking after. I can confidentially offer you antenatal care, home/hospital birth expertise and postnatal support.

Antenatal care ensures that you and baby remain well throughout your pregnancy. It can be an exciting but anxious time and my aim is to give you expert care so that you can feel relaxed and confident throughout. Highly experienced in home births I know that labour and birth tend to be quicker, easier and more enjoyable when at home. And if this is something you aspire to I can bring all the equipment to care for you and baby safely throughout the process. Should there be any indication at all that things are not going as planned, I’ll know straight away and can arrange for you to go to hospital and can stay with you throughout. Some women prefer to have a baby in hospital, or for medical reasons are advised to, and having your own private midwife can make all the difference. Rather than being passed from stranger to stranger, I can ensure you get the support and care you need because I know you. And you can feel at peace because you will know me. And after baby is born, I will be there to help you adjust both physically and emotionally, as you step into the wonderful, but challenging world of parenting.